valley of dying stars

He made his way to us from the war to be beaten down again. His body was in great pain from the looks of it, but something is always hidden. My white coat waits in the corner. I take it and clothe him in warmth. He covers up in it and lays down his body looks wretched yet his mind lost. he has seen horrible things that have terrified him as if he was being whipped by a rope. I pity this lonesome man who seeks me for shelter. This is the valley of dying stars. A place that evil is yet to come. he looks at me. The look of love alarms He feels safe but yet so much more pain to come, but the time has come and he must go now. He would put me in danger if he stayed any longer. I saw this glare in his eye the glare of the ghost of death. I lowered my head to his mouth to here his final words that he wanted me to keep forever. I listened. His last words were Icaras also flew.


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